When Jesus entered Jerusalem…

“When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, ‘Who is this?’” – Matthew 21:10

In our world, we see a lot of grand entrances. Celebrities walking down the red carpet, the royal family and their national guard, even a bride on her wedding day floating down the aisle to her groom. But there is no one and no impact that an entrance has quite like Jesus. Everything changes when Jesus walks in. There is no one like our God.

In Matthew chapter 21, Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem is recorded as what we know to be Palm Sunday. In verse 10, the response of the crowd is recorded and it says that the whole city was impacted. Not just His followers or His fans, but the whole town. Not only so, but it led them to ask the question, who is this? 

Jesus’ presence is incomparable. Even without knowing who He was, people’s lives were changed. This is our great and glorious God, full of mystery and wonder. Though this event happened thousands of years ago, the impact remains the same for us today.  The presence of Jesus in our lives truly changes everything, and demands a response from us. We know who He is, His glory has been revealed to us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and praise Him, for our lives will never be the same since He walked in. 

By: Hope Kiser

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