Valentine’s Day

Love is a funny word. Unfortunately, it is often overused and misunderstood in our current culture. Many of us love our spouse, but also claim to “love” the sweet chocolates they gift us for Valentine’s Day. While both statements may be valid, it is debatable whether they’re equal in value (unless you’re like me and really do have a sweet-tooth).

But today, lets put away the treats and take a step back to look into the deep root of love. God created and defined love, and continues to give us countless examples of it each and every day that are far beyond our comprehension. In 1st John chapter 4, we see a beautiful explanation of the love God has shown us and how we are to extend that same love out to those around us. 

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” – 1 John 4:11

When God owed us nothing, He gave us everything. This is the ultimate sacrifice and the purest, truest form of love. Rather than looking to movies or the world for a standard of love, may we look to the very creator of love and allow our hearts to be captivated by the glorious heart of our generous and loving Father. Since God so sacrificially loved us, may we offer ourselves as living sacrifices to Him as we mirror His heart for us in our love for others.

By: Hope Kiser

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