Did you know?

Fun facts about Scriptionery.com:

1. It’s just us! — Yep… we are a pretty small team over here. We have: 1) Yvette (she runs the ins and outs on the business side of things), 2) Michael (he’s the amazing artist/designer that is so thankful that he can focus on what he loves — being creative), 3) our friend Hope (who writes some pretty insightful blogs), and 4) Yvette & Michael’s kids (who are occasionally coerced into packaging up products, or working alongside mom at pop-up shops). Uno. Dos. Tres. Cuatro.

2. YOU play a big part too — Many of our products are created because YOU have voiced to us that you have been looking for this or that — and we have specifically designed something to meet your need. Keep your ideas coming to us — it fuels our creativity and organically expands our product line. YOU are part of our team!

3. We have expanded to Amazon — WOO HOOO. This is just one more outlet where you can conveniently get our most popular Scriptionery.com products — with PRIME!  Selling on Amazon is a tricky endeavor, but we are hoping to expand our reach to folks we would never be able to reach on our own. Our rankings on Amazon improve with customer reviews, so do us a HUGE FAVOR and write a quick review of our products on Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B07BCYZTNQ

4. You can find us @Scriptionery on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest — Social media doesn’t have to be evil — find encouraging content on our Scriptionery page! Follow us. You won’t be sorry. 

Thank you, THANK YOU, for being loyal Scriptionery.com friends. YOU make it all worth it.

xoxo, Yvette

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