Dependence v. Independence


Two hundred forty years ago, the colonists of the United States of America formed a document to declare independence from the British King George III.

In that moment, America became a free country, and the Fourth of July has been celebrated every year to commemorate the day this nation became its own. It no longer depended on a king they never saw, a king who ruled over their lives an ocean away.

In the Christian faith, however, Christians are called every day to depend on a King they don’t see face to face; to depend on a King who resides in a place much farther than across an ocean. 

We need God in our lives, because, unlike King George, our King takes our burdens away instead of worsening them. God is the King of kings who never leads His people astray. We depend on Him when we are in trouble or when we want or need something. Though we may never see His face in this lifetime, we look forward to that one day when we come face to face with our King in Eternity. Until that day, we should do our best to follow the Commandments, to love others, and celebrate our dependence on our King.

The Lord is good to those who depend on him, on those who search for him. 

Lamentations 3:25 | NLT

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