Baking “Empty Tomb” Resurrection Rolls brings the Easter story to life

I’m always looking for ways to bring spiritual truths to life, for both me and my kids. Baking “Empty Tomb” Resurrection Rolls communicates the Easter story in an interactive (and tasty) way.

For the past couple of years, we have had the tradition of baking these resurrection rolls with our kids and reading the corresponding Bible verses on Good Friday or the Saturday morning before Easter. It is an activity that takes less than 45 minutes from start to finish… and ends with a tasty treat — gotta love THAT!

Each step of the baking process corresponds to a piece of the Easter story…. the burial and resurrection.  All you need is a Bible and some simple baking ingredients. Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without a beautiful recipe and the activity instructions for you to download. Click on the photo below for your free download!

If you have younger kids, I recommend reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible. “The Sun Stops Shining” and “God’s Wonderful Surprise” are the stories corresponding to the crucifiction and resurrection. This is my absolute FAVORITE bible for young children. The author does an incredible job of bringing the stories to life and tying both the Old and New Testament back to Jesus.

Get your own copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible by clicking picture below:

As you enjoy the sweet taste of the “Empty Tomb” Resurrection Rolls, we pray that you are reminded of the sweet new life that we each have because of the Risen Christ!

Warmly, Yvette Livesay-Wright

What are some of your Easter traditions that have meaning for your family? 

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