ABC Scripture Memory Cards for the Family

As a mom, I’m always trying to find new and exciting ways to teach our kids the life-changing truths found in the Bible. But as I looked for some kid-friendly ABC Scripture memory cards, I was underwhelmed by the design of the cards that were available on the market, and for me, y’all, that’s a DEAL-BREAKER! So, we went to work!

Our A to Z Scripture Memory Cards not only teach your children fundamental Scripture from the Bible, but they have a hip graphic design that doesn’t bore the child or the parent!

The ABC Scripture memory cards have one letter of the alphabet (A-Z) along with an easy-to-memorize Scripture that corresponds to the letter. There are 26 cards in total. And best of all, they are held tidy and IN ORDER by a small metal ring. So, you won’t spend one second picking these up if “junior” drops them on the floor — Now THAT is something you can cheer about!

Teaching my children how to memorize Scripture — CHECK!

Teaching preschool-age kids their ABCs, with purpose — CHECK!

Not having to keep track of cards that get lost or out of order — CHECK!

Using ABC Scripture memory cards is a simple way to memorize Scripture — and because of the colorful format and great design, no one is getting bored in the process!


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